GardeningMini Greenhouse Tent Covers for Container Gardening

Mini Greenhouse Tent Covers for Container Gardening

These mini greenhouse tent covers for container gardening are easy to make, will protect from insects and accelerate growth.

Mini Greenhouse Tent Covers for Container Gardening

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Like tomatoes? Like to grow produce at home? Tomatoes at home are very easy to make. Get a spiraled tomato pole, a 1mx2m sheet of plastic foil, 3D-printed parts such as the head and hook, and a U-shaped plant pod.

The hole in the 3D-printed head end is angled, so, that it will be perpendicular on the spiraled pole. There is a second hole, where you can squeeze hot glue in to attach the head end to the pole. Stabilize the pole by using a plant tie to attach it to the rim of the pod. Cut the tie to the exact length and make a loop at one end, then fix the looped tie on the 3D head, mount the hook with a knot on it, and pull the ties tightly and the hooks to the pot’s rim.


Tomato cage pole (I used the spiral type)

Plastic sheeting (with a 1mx2m Sheet i was able to made 3 tents)

3D-Printed parts (some wooden parts with similar shape will also work)

Plant Pod (with “u”shaped rim)*

Mini Greenhouse Tent Covers for Container Gardening
Galvanized Tomato and Plant Support Cage – Set of 10 (Buy Here – Amazon)

Onto the plastic foil, where it should be folded doubled and cut to make multiple parts from one sheet. Finally, attach the foil to the pole by having the upper edged connected under the loop of the upper tie, and the lower end of the foil being connected to the hooks. It should look like the sail from a sailboat has become a teepee on top of a bucket. Have the soil and plants in the bucket before doing all of this (of course), but have a small opening to pull out any tomatoes when grown.

Click here to read about how to make mini greenhouse tent covers for container gardening project:

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