FlowersMint: Tips & Usage - Culinary, Gardening & Repellant

Mint: Tips & Usage – Culinary, Gardening & Repellant


Snip away…. clip the young shoots to promote regular growth. Prune established plants enthusiastically to stimulate growth of tender leaves.

Harvest your plant until a few weeks before the first frost in the fall. You can dry your crop so you can mint until the next season. Mint has many culinary uses: teas, jellies, garnishes, marinades, salads and cocktails (Juleps).

Mint is a fragrant repellant. Plant near the entrances of your home to repel ants and spiders.
You can also use peppermint essential oil added to water in a spray bottle to spray around windows. 10 drops of peppermint essential oil plus water – shake before each use.
In the pantry, add a stem of dried mint inside containers of seeds, beans and rice to repel insects in your food storage.

Mint can also be made into a aphid and caterpillar repellant for your garden.
In a blender, add 9 ounces of mint leaves with one quart of water. Blend for one minute then strain. Add to a spray bottle and spray on infested plants every week.

Mint can be grown indoors.

Mint spreads very quickly so do not plant in your garden.
It is better in a large pot.

***  When I am roasting a whole chicken in the oven, I add a couple small steams of fresh mint inside the chicken, butter and 1/2 cup of filtered water. Cover with aluminum foil and cook. 10 minutes before chicken is done, remove foil so chicken can become golden brown.
The meat will slightly be favorable with your choice of mint but not overwhelming.


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