ChickensMistakes to Avoid when Raising Chickens

Mistakes to Avoid when Raising Chickens

Raising chickens can look like a win to win situation; you’ll be having healthy supply of eggs, getting to keep nice animals in your backyard, and reaching for an overall more sustainable lifestyle. However, as you go on with this project you’ll realize there is more to it. So here are some of the main mistakes to avoid when raising chickens.

1. Not getting the right coop size

Getting the right coop size for your chickens is essential for insuring a healthy environment for their growth. Three major factors need to be taken into consideration:

  • Chicken breed
  • Chicken type (layer/broiler)
  • Number of chickens in your flock

Depending on your choices the size of the coop should be altered to best fit them. Keep in mind that you MUST NOT change the coop while your chickens are growing up, so pick a size that would still do the job as they become adults.

2. Ignoring litter details

Litter is prone to grow mold inside it. Therefore, it is important to keep the air circulating inside your coop to avoid any problems. Additionally, the litter height shouldn’t be too low or too high, and must only be changed roughly every six months.

3. Picking up eggs several times per day

Depending on the season, chickens lay eggs at different times during the days. You need to have specific times for picking up eggs typically two times per day. Thus, avoid too much visits inside the coop for that might cause stress to the chickens.

4. Not checking up with your vet

One of the major problems we are facing today is the anti-biotic resistance. That can happen when you give off label antibiotics for your chickens, leading overtime to severe sickness or even death. Therefore, whatever happens with your chickens, MAKE SURE to consult the vet before taking any action.


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