DIY ProjectsMobile Galvanized Water Trough Garden Planters DIY Project

Mobile Galvanized Water Trough Garden Planters DIY Project

This mobile galvanized water trough garden planters diy project is a great way to plant a living privacy fence or garden for renters. It is great elements to decorate a patio. Be creative !

Mobile Galvanized Water Trough Garden Planters DIY Project

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Not all soil can sustain plantation and that can put a damper on your dreams of having your own garden. Fortunately this is not the end for your garden dream, with watering troughs you can make your very own trough planters and have the garden of your dreams. With the right motivation, perseverance and patience you will have your very own planter.

The first step to making your own planter is to buy a watering trough. The best sources to get a watering trough are and Tractor Supply Co. If you want to avoid delivery fees, is the way to go.

Once you have received your trough, gather all your tools, including any machinery required and the wheels, wood and accurate bolts. The next step is to then cut and place pressured treated wood and the wheels in the desired positions. Once your wood and wheels are in the desired positions, you can proceed to drilling the eight holes and dropping the correct bolts into each one.

When all the bolts are in place and you have lined up the trough equally, place a washer under each bolt head and the cover it with a strip of tape to hold the bolts in place. Attach the use washers and nuts on each wheel to tighten the wheel, without tightening these wheels the planters will be wobbly and unstable.

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