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Modern Coffee Tables with Glass Tops and Trendy Designs For Your Home Decor

Modern coffee tables are made with top materials today to bring durability, functionality, and aesthetic value to the home. Some of the materials used like wood, glass, marble, metal, stone, concrete, plastic, and much more, are made in a way that they appeal to every home.

While others are excellent materials when used as a table, we will be concentrating on glass tops for tables.

Coffee Tables

Features of glass coffee table

  • Glass is an intricate material when compared to others that are used to build tables. They are easy to clean, do not suffer during wet or dry seasons, and they fit any base you might want to use.
  • Base material that a glass coffee table could probably carry is bamboo, wood, plastic, metal, stone, and much more. They can also accommodate base designs like 4-legs, novelty, pedestal, trestle, waterfall, double pedestal, and many more.
  • Glass coffee tables come in various colors as well, like red, orange, yellow, green, black, white, and more. These colors are in various shapes like round, rectangular, square, oval, triangle, and much more.
  • Glass coffee table is usually selected sometimes based on the features they carry; some come with a shelf, drawer, and tray top, lift top, etc.

The 7 modern coffee tables with their trendy designs are

1. The Venice X Modern Style Glass Coffee Table

The Venice X coffee table is a sleek, modern, designed table for smaller spaces. Its shallow height stands above 2-3 feet and between 20-50 inches of width. It can be custom made to fit every available space in the room and can get styled in various ways. For example, under a traditional interior decor setting, the Venice X can be seen complementing other ostentatious items in the room like the paintings, prints, and artworks displayed in the home.

In a modern room, Venice X occupies space because it is a rectangular aesthetic piece of style presented in the room. Modern rooms tend to have fewer items and materials for there to be enough space for something like a coffee table, dining table, and more.

I came across an online site where I get my glass tabletop for my home. glass tabletop for my home. You can visit this site. Venice X is also an aesthetic piece if you look at its base. Its base is a convex two-legged piece that can come in high gloss white or deep oak effect for a wooden base. The base is sealed together with the glass to offer a sturdy and elegant look in the room.

Coffee Tables

2. Glossy Black Oval Style Glass Coffee Table

The glossy black table is a unique set of round coffee table with a shiny base. Its base comes in red and black to give a shiny or glossy look in the room. The glossy black gets used in an eclectic home decor setting where space and a sleek appeal is paramount. You can also find them in modern chic home decor, where the signature of items is more pronounced in the available space.

It can complement every item in the room, including wall paintings, floor tiles, chandelier, lighting, and many more. Its base is made of plastic or acrylic material with a touch of a high glossy element to bring out the color. It is also a shallow modern coffee table like Venice X but much smaller in size compared to the former. The way it was built makes it difficult for it to carry extra features like a lift top, storage, and much more.

Coffee Tables

3. Noguchi Style Glass Coffee Table

The Noguchi style table is a table with an oval glass top that can take between three or four-legged base. Its base can either be of metal, plastic, or wood, depending on the custom order. Its sleek design means it can be found in a more chic environment, especially an open space. Its glass top comes in black or clear glass as we have it with other types of tables in this category.

Noguchi is ideal for an Asian styled interior home decor, where the occupants can easily sit around and sip their coffee. It can also work with a Mediterranean room decor where they use all sorts of materials to define the place. It can blend well with Chinese red interiors or a more classic Asian room.

Coffee Tables

4. Tempered glass coffee table

Tempered glass coffee is a rectangular glass top table with a sturdy base that anchors it. It is made of tempered glass, meaning it can tolerate much more pressure and has better resistance than any type of glass used for a table. It comes in various kinds like the Kilimanjaro, Modern, the Kernel, the Infinity Premier, and much more – each with a solid white or glossy black base.

The tempered glass coffee table is usually found in modern, eclectic, and beach style interior decor settings because of its stylish look. Other base features of coffee glass tables are accommodated as well like storage, shelf, or drawer too. Most times, they don’t have a regular straight base, but a convex or concave leg.

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5. Stylish oval shaped coffee table

As the name implies, the stylish oval-shaped coffee table is a thing of beauty that can be placed anywhere in your room. The mixture of a glass top with a solid edge design that matches its base is unique. You will hardly find a table looking as chic as a stylish oval.

Put in your contemporary home decor and watch it perform magic with other pieces of furniture in the room. Leave it beside your couch and see the beautiful reflection it will bring to the lights in your room.  It is a well-designed table that is low and comes in three colors: white, black, and red.

Coffee Tables

6. Modern glass coffee table with shelf

Modern glass is a type of rectangular table with a unique two-tier space for storage. The low storage can be used as a shelf to store books, plants, and whatever else you want. The shape of the table is usually rectangular to cover for its four hinged legs.

You can find this table in a craftsman or a farmhouse setting if you are looking to replace wood with glass. Its legs are sturdy, giving it the required balance.

Coffee Tables

7. Modern style mermaid coffee table

The modern style mermaid coffee table is an oval or round coffee table that is unique because of its base. Its base is a curvy two-legged structure with a base that joins with the glass top. It comes in red and white colors with a thick plastic cover.

Find or place it anywhere in modern room decor and enjoy the voguishness it brings to your home.

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