HomesteadingMoney Saving Ways to Save Energy In Your Home

Money Saving Ways to Save Energy In Your Home

These simple yet helpful money saving ways to save energy in your home will make your home feel more comfortable without have to high price improvements. It can be simple things or small actions that can add up to big savings. It is like working smarter, not harder to save energy in your home.

A family will be able to find something far more enjoyable to do with the money, they saved on electrical and heating bills.

The typical U.S. family spends at least $2,800 a year on home utility bills but by following simple tips to reduce waste it can lower by 18 percent.     As each home saves energy, it will reduce our nation’s overall demand for electricity which will lighten the load on our deteriorating infrastructure power grid system.

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Money Saving Ways to Save Energy In Your Home
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I have a good friend that I often stopped by to visit with over a cup of tea. She has a very busy bustling household with a husband, two daughters and a houseful of animals.    Every light in the house is on, doors are left open, tv and radios are constantly on and the temperature is always 76 degrees or higher.. Yes, you guessed it, she pays a HUGE electric and oil (heating) bills ! Bad energy saving habits can cost you a lot of money over just a period of six months. Good energy saving habits can add up to a lot of hard earned cash staying in your wallet.

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Melissa Francis
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