CraftsMosaic Glass Bottle Pieces Glass Door DIY Project

Mosaic Glass Bottle Pieces Glass Door DIY Project

This mosaic glass bottle pieces glass door diy project is a wonderfully creative use of recyclable variety of colored glass into home decor. Clear, blue, green, brown and rainbow of colors.

Mosaic Glass Bottle Pieces Glass Door DIY Project

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Instead of using a plain door, it may be of artistic interest to make a door with color and design. A glass mosaic is a good choice to go with and another wonderful do-it-yourself project. To make it, break colored glass bottles, usually those from drinks, and mix them with a sand & water combination inside a massive bucket. Consider these three colors to create the mosaic with: green, blue, and white.

The first step is to get a glass door; it can be bought for cheap off Craigslist. Make sure the door is the right size and has a glass panel. Next, create or buy tumbled glass.

Mosaic Glass Bottle Pieces Glass Door DIY Project
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Secondly, this is where the mixing takes place. Next, comes making the mosaic. Outline the pattern that is desired on the back of the door with a marker.

Thirdly, take the pieces and begin gluing them together while fitting within the outline. Considering how complex the design is, it will take a few hours to get done.

After finishing it, let the door dry a whole night before lifting the door upwards. For the glue that seeps behind the glass, it usually lasts a week before it clears up.

After a whole day, the door can be installed safely. Place it on the sliding door hinges (have it pre-installed) and stick it in place. Just like that, a beautiful mosaic siding door is there in the home. Now, go on and repeat the process with other doors and using different designs.

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