CraftsMosaic House Address Numbers Craft Project

Mosaic House Address Numbers Craft Project

This Mosaic House Address Numbers Craft Project is a creative way to incorporate beautiful flat backed knick knack craft supplies into swirling collection of colors and different textures.

First responders such as fire fighters, policeman and paramedics are always really grateful when residents of a home make their home address numbers postioned as bright, bold and easy to see from the street when seeking to help locate people within. Let’s create playful designs while making our homes easier to find.

This craft project was designed to introduce the reader to a unique way to have your house numbers to stick out.

Mosaic House Address Numbers Craft Project

A great part of enjoying DIY is that you are able to come up with unique ways to add decorative touches to any part of your house. The really cool part is that you are able to to find interesting homemade projects and use repurposed items and tools in order to make a new useful item for around the house.

Materials To Make Mosaic House Address Numbers Craft Project:

Metal or wood numbers, 9.5? tall

Black spray paint primer

Mini tiles

Heart and lock charms (yard sale flat backed knick knacks would work as well – be creative)


Shank buttons (shanks removed)

Cube beads, 4mm

100% Black Silicone

Putty knife


Mosica flat glass peices

This frugal project was created in order to help the reader come up with a unique way to make the outside numbers for the house. The project describes everything that you will need to make them and all of the things that you will need to do in order to decorate the numbers.

All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy for all of the readers to be able to read it and to understand it.

* * * Benefits of reading the DIY Project: How to make decorative house numbers with mosaic tiles

Discover a unique way to create interesting house numbers to make them stick out

This DIY project includes a complete listing of all of the necessary materials, supplies, and tools that are needed to be able to get started

The project also included an easy to read and follow step by step instructional guide that helps too with everything from start to finish

There are numerous full-color pictures that help to provide the reader with a good visual reference for the project

Click here to read about how to make Mosaic House Address Numbers Mosaic Craft Project:

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