RecipesMouth Watering Dry Rubbed Barbecued Chicken

Mouth Watering Dry Rubbed Barbecued Chicken

           Mouth watering recipe for barbecued chicken that has been dry rubbed and then cooked on the grill. Dry rubs are a great way to season meats because you rub it on and in the case of chicken under the skin as well and then you let it sit in the fridge for a while and the spices penetrate the meat so that when you cook it the meat has all the flavor of the spices. When you grill chicken add barbecue sauce the chicken doesn’t really have time to absorb the flavor. This dry rub recipe from The Goldilocks Kitchen gets you the best of both ways. It gets a ton of flavor from sitting in the rub for a while and when you grill it the brown sugar that is part of the rub mixture sort of carmelizes and you get a little sticky glaze like you get with barbecue sauce. I have made this chicken and it really is mouth-watering and if you like barbecue chicken you will like it even more made with this rub. It is amazing how much flavor the meat gets from the seasoning rubbed on it.

      I make a rub for flank steak that I am going to put on the grill too but I use a little instant coffee and sea salt, pepper  and that flank steak really has some great taste when you get it grilled. I am so glad that summer is here so the grill can be used because we love grilled meats and I love that when it is grilled I have no mess in the kitchen to clean up. Here is another tip, next time you are going to grill out, buy a fresh pineapple, peel and slice it into rings and grill it along with your meat. You will not believe how sweet grilling makes pineapple. Delicious!


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