Garden BedsMultiple Level Designer Raised Garden Bed DIY Project

Multiple Level Designer Raised Garden Bed DIY Project

This Multiple Level Desiger Raised Garden Bed DIY Project is a great way to attractively add gardening space to your front yard or curbside green space. It is a great way to visually inspire others to do the same in a gentle manner. Yes, it is a project that takes some hard work but honestly the outcome is so worth it…..

Multiple Level Designer Raised Garden Bed DIY Project

1. Find the sunniest spot in your yard plan out the shape using string and lawn pins

2. Dig up all the grass and dig down the triangle 6” so you can have a full 12” of good dirt

3. Construct the base X of cedar, the main pieces are 10” long and notched so they cross in the middle

4. Plan and cut out the second layer and side sitting rail without attaching them yet

5. Carry it with help to the spot you dug up

6. Dig out additional holes for the 4×4 posts to be sunken in the ground for added stability

7. Place a very thin cardboard, put it down and wet it thoroughly before filling it with dirt. You may not need this step since you dug up most of the grass

8. Attach the side sitting rails on the lowest levels and fill up the beds with better soil and compost. We used soil from the neighbours who were digging up their yard

9. For fun, add a solar post-topper to act as a beacon for the garden bed in the night

10. Go ahead and plant your seedlings

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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