Food DehydratingMushroom Powder Making And Using It

Mushroom Powder Making And Using It

Learn how to make mushroom powder that you can use to flavor soups or other dishes. Mushrooms have nutrients that are good for you and yet some folks especially kids don’t like to eat them, either because of the way they look ( I have a young grandson that won’t eat them because they are brown, and forget any green veg. All I hear is Grandma I don’t like green stuff, no tasting to see if he would either, nope it is just the wrong color) Anyways by making  kale powder and mushroom powder you can get these nutritious foods into them and they won’t even know. Mom With A Prep shares instructions for making mushroom powder.

Mushroom Powder Making And Using It

This mushroom powder is really good added to soups and if you like a cup of bouillon sometimes, be sure to add some of this to the bouillon, it makes it really delicious.

Click for instructions to make mushroom powder:

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