All Natural Egg Replacement


If you are allergic or just don’t wish to eat eggs here is a neat way to make an egg replacement that is all natural and healthy. Eggs are one of the most common food items. They can not only be used in different recipes but are also eaten separately in many different ways. Eggs are excessively used in baking as well. On the other hand, not everybody is comfortable with eating eggs. There are plenty of reasons why people avoid eating eggs like some might have allergies to eggs, some avoid it because of a diet reason because eggs are high in calories and cholesterol whereas some don’t find the eggs very tasty.

All Natural Egg Replacement

Contrary to popular belief, there is a great substitute for eggs and it is called flax seeds. By mixing ground flax seed with some water you can replace eggs in many recipes. Moreover, flax seeds are not only a tasty substitute for eggs but are healthier to consume as compared to the calories and cholesterol present in eggs. In this article from Hub Pages website, the author writes about how it is beneficial to use flax seeds in your cooking instead of eggs.

Some guidelines have also been provided about how one can substitute ground flax seeds for eggs. The post also mentions about where you can find some good recipes using the replacement. This is great for folks that are allergic to eggs.


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