Natural RemediesNatural Remedies for Glaucoma and Other Vision Problems

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma and Other Vision Problems

These natural remedies for glaucoma and other vision problems can reduce symptoms or heal altogether the condition.

Millions of people have glaucoma. There are several subtypes of this eye condition, and it is typically thought to be caused by ocular pressure and the deterioration of the optic nerve.

Natural Remedies for Glaucoma and Other Vision Problems

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Though medicines, eye drops and even surgeries are regularly used to treat these conditions, there are also many healing ways to treat it naturally. Here are six of them:

1. Vitamin C: Patients taking up to 1500 mg of Vitamin C daily have eye pressure returning to normal.

2. Removing allergens: Reactions to environmental allergens can cause flare ups of glaucoma symptoms that abate when allergens are removed from the patient’s environment.

3. Drink lightly AND reduce caffeine: High caffeine drinks may increase pressure around the eyes. While staying hydrated with water or other healthy liquids, it is recommended to sip slowly. Rapid consuming of drinks may cause increased pressure in the eyes.

4. Sleeping with the head elevated: Using a wedge pillow to raise the head to a 20 degree angle, some glaucoma patients experience relief from pressure while sleeping.

5. Physical exercise: Noting that one should always consult a physician before beginning any significant exercise routine, there are many positive results regular, moderate exercise. A few months of regular exercise can result in a notable reduction in eye pressure. Pressure increases if exercise is stopped completely.

6. Herbal remedies: As researched by Joybillee Farm, plants grown in a home garden can be used to treat glaucoma. Click below to find out how to make your own healing and nutrient rich tincture to help reduce pressure and increase eye health.

Click here to read about how to heal with natural remedies for glaucoma and other vision problems:

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