Essential OilsNatural Tick Repellent Essential Oil Recipe for Dogs ONLY

Natural Tick Repellent Essential Oil Recipe for Dogs ONLY

This all natural tick repellent essential oil recipe for Dogs ONLY is an important element for your dog’s good health. With the right combination of essential oils applied with a spray bottle to lightly to your dog’s hair, ticks will not attach. This same recipe can be also sprayed on a person’s clothing (pants, socks, shirt and shoes) to avoid ticks from attaching.  It is very important to thoroughly look over, run your hands over your dog body and comb your dog with a lice comb searching for ticks.

Pour into a spray bottle – shake thoroughly before each application.

Natural Tick Repellent Essential Oil Recipe for Dogs ONLY

A tick is a small  arthropods that attaches itself to the skin of a person or animal and sucks blood. Ticks are the leading carriers of diseases to humans in the United States, second only to mosquitoes worldwide.  Our dogs are such our close companions that often they sleep in our beds, ride in our cars, cuddle on a couch with us so making sure they are tick free is not only about their good health but our as well.

This “Natural Tick Repellent Essential Oil Recipe for Dogs ONLY” has been approved by 2 veterinarians and much research.  This Tick Repellent Essential Oil Recipe is not safe for cats…. many essential oils can be deadly for cats.

Planting Lemongrass plants around your home is a great way to deter ticks from your yard.

Here is clickable links to information about the different varieties of ticks:

Brown Dog Tick

Deer Tick

American Dog Tick

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

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Melissa Francis
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