DIY ProjectsNeat Tree Trunk Cutting Trick

Neat Tree Trunk Cutting Trick

In this video you will see a pretty neat tree trunk cutting trick. The trick allows him to cut the stump down without using wedges or any tools other than his chainsaw and it doesn’t get pinched. This would be good to know for anyone that may need to cut down tree trunks. Or someone that is clearing trees from a new or old homestead.  I have never seen this done before. I have seen trees and trunks cut down but not where the cutter uses the saw dust he is creating as a tool to help get the job done.
Neat Tree Trunk Cutting Trick

The video is from Swedish Homestead and he shows us how to cut down the tree trunk by sending all of the sawdust created as he cuts into the center of the tree so that is acts as a cushion and keeps the saw blade from being pinched as the trunk comes loose from the roots. This was a method I had never seen before but it worked really well for him and allowed him to get the job done wile hauling minimal tools along with him.

Neat Tree Trunk Cutting Trick

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