Articles Necessary Bedroom Items Post Surgery

 Necessary Bedroom Items Post Surgery

The postoperative period starts in the hospital room immediately after the surgery and continues at your home until you’re fully recovered. One of the keys to successful recuperation after surgery is setting up an environment where you’ll feel comfortable and at ease.  

Make sure to plan ahead and set up your room to feel relaxed during the home-based recovery. It will make the process less stressful and aid your well-being. Here are some of the necessary bedroom items for post-surgery you should consider.

Hand Sanitizer  

Proper hand hygiene is crucial in preventing the spread of germs. When you are in post-surgery recovery at home, you and your visitors must keep your hands clean to prevent potential infections and cross-contamination. Since you won’t be able to wash your hands as often as you should, consider leaving a pump bottle with hand sanitizer in the bedroom where it’s easily accessible, especially for you. Use a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Put enough of the product to cover your hands and then rub them for about 20 seconds until they feel dry. 

A Heavy-Duty Bed

Getting a heavy-duty bariatric bed for post-surgery patients can provide a well-needed level of mobility and comfort similar to a hospital bed, especially if you’re overweight or require a physical therapist to be on the bed with you. Furthermore, these beds are customizable to support and ease your needs, including sitting up, turning, getting in and out of bed, and lying down, promoting greater independence. Finally, in non-essential situations, bariatric beds can significantly enhance your sleep quality.

Alternating Pressure Mattress 

Depending on the weight capacity needed, you might need to pair the bariatric bed with a mattress that provides extra flexibility. An alternating pressure mattress is the best option to prevent bedsores. This type of mattress uses pumps to systematically inflate air, helping change the amount of pressure plied across the sleeping surface, promoting proper blood circulation.  

Comfortable Pillows and Comfort Cushions

Getting comfortable pillows for your home-based recovery is very important to help you find comfortable positions for sleeping and sitting. Support pillows can ensure you stay in the correct posture and get proper sleep. Additionally, they can speed up the recovery and prevent post-surgery complications. Finally, post-surgery pillows provide support to relieve pain and fight against bed rest side effects like leg swelling, neck strains, lower backache, pressure, and friction on joints and knees.

Bedside Commode

If you’re bedridden after the surgery or you’re extremely weak and unsteady, a bedside commode can be a real game-changer. Having limited mobility makes it hard to make it to the bathroom, especially if your bedroom is on a separate floor and walking poses a severe risk of falling. A bedside commode is a practical, comfortable, and safe option that offers greater privacy and preserves the sense of dignity. 


It might seem obvious, but water is essential for post-surgery patients. It’s vital in the first few days after the surgery as drinking plenty of fluids can help the body get rid of the toxins from the anesthesia and other medications. In addition, water can ease the pains, decrease the risks of urinary tract infection, and enhance energy levels. 

Bedside Table

Place a nightstand or a small table next to the head of the bed to keep all your necessities in easy reach. Make sure it’s big enough to fit in everything you might need day-to-day. For example, you should be able to place your medications, water, hand sanitizer, snacks, phone, book, alarm, snack, and other necessities. 

Post Surgery

 Medical Care Supplies

Stock up the bedroom on proper medical care supplies. Which supplies you’ll stock up depends on the surgery type and individual needs. Consider getting gauze, medical gloves, bandages, and pain-relieving medications. You can also get a pill organizer, which might be handy if you’re taking several pills each day.

Books, Movies, and Music 

Recovery can be a long period of resting. So make sure to prepare a few things to get you distracted. Get a good selection of movies, including those that you’ve always wanted to watch but never found time and your all-time favorites to rewatch. Additionally, stock up on magazines and books. What is more, get a tablet to listen to music to or play games on. Alternatively, consider stocking up on crosswords puzzles, coloring books, or knitting supplies. 

The Takeaway

The recovery process after surgery can be long and challenging regardless of the type of operation. But if you plan ahead, you can get all the necessary bedroom items for post-surgery to make your time at home more comfortable. Finally, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes, eat light meals, keep a positive attitude, and surround yourself with supportive people. 


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