Nice Round-Up Of Mason Jar Meals That Don’t Contain Lettuce


Here is an assortment of mason jar meals that are anything but salad. There are recipes for a lunch or dinner entree and some for desserts and even a veggie snack with dip. You could make a snack for break time and an entree and then a dessert and you would be all set for work or for a day away from home with nice home made food so you could skip the vending machines or the fast food drive thrus. All You gathered these recipes and they are all nice for adding to your list of mason jar meals including all the salad recipes so you will have a nice array to choose from which helps prevent burn out on a recipe. If you would like to add even more to your list grab these Mason Jar Meals that are salads with proteins and assorted vegetables and beans to add to you list as well. Al together you will be able to add 19 different jar meals to your list so you will have a nice list to choose from.


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