Gluten FreeNo Bread Sandwiches 10 Different Ways

No Bread Sandwiches 10 Different Ways

For folks that are allergic to gluten or are just trying to cut carbs from their diet, it can be hard to do when you want a sandwich or even a burger. This will help you. Here are 10 different ways to have a sandwich without bread. The first one is for burgers. Next time you are grilling burgers, grill some sliced pineapple and put your meat patty and toppings between two slices. Grilling pineapple makes it super sweet and it goes well with the meat and onions on a burger.  You could also make  Carb Free Cloud Bread Recipe.  If you simply must have some bread but don’t want the gluten you can make this Gluten Free Bread That Doesn’t Suck, which can be sliced up just like a loaf of bread.


Then you can get creative and use vegetables instead of bread which will not only remove the gluten but add some great nutrients to your sandwich. Real Farmacy has a round-up of 9 different no bread sandwich recipes so you can have your sandwich without bread or gluten. These ideas would be good for any one on a paleo diet. Most of them would also work very well for diabetics because they are mostly very low in carbs. Next time you are going to have a sandwich try one of these ideas, you may just like your sandwich better without the bread.


See the recipes>>>>>>         No Bread Sandwiches 10 Different Ways

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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