Build ItNo Porch Needed Swing And Stand

No Porch Needed Swing And Stand

If you grew up with a swing on the front porch then you know how relaxing one can be. This one can be for the porch or it can be a no porch needed swing and stand.

No Porch Needed Swing And Stand
Photo by Mark Burstyn

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This way once you build the swing if you have a front porch you can hang it there but if you like me have no front porch we can build the stand to go with the swing and still use the swing in the yard. There are plans for both swing and stand shared by  Steve Maxwell   on Mother Earth News. I love a porch swing, they are so relaxing and it is nice to just sit back and let your toes keep a gentle motion going.

It is a great place to start the day with your first cup of coffee and it is a great place to end the day watching the sun go down. Pull a couple of little ones up on the swing and  they will enjoy rocking with you, they may even be lulled to sleep. I have so many memories of sitting on the porch with my grand mother. She didn’t have a swing but she had an old metal glider and it served the same purpose.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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