WoodNo Smoke Fan Powered Wood Gasifier Stove Tutorial

No Smoke Fan Powered Wood Gasifier Stove Tutorial

This No Smoke Fan Powered Wood Gasifier Stove tutorial has step by step detailed instructions.

No Smoke Fan Powered Wood Gasifier Stove Tutorial

Tools and parts needed

• Drill

• 1/8 or 9/64th titanium drill bit

• Dremel tool with fiberglass cutoff wheel

• 12-quart aluminum stock pot, restaurant grade with a thick lid

• 4-quart stainless steam table pot with inset top

• 6-quart stainless steam table pot bainmarie

(The above 3 pots must be from a restaurant supply store)

• 12 stainless screws

Step 1: Main lid cut

Cut a hole the exact size of the 6-quartpot in the 12-quart stock pot lid. This has to be perfect! The gap must be airtight.

Step 2: Fan hole cut

Mark out the opening for the fan on the side, and as near to the bottom as possible of the 12-quart pot. You can use a regular computer fan for air supply.

Step 3: Air cowling cut

Cut a large square or round hole in the center of the outer 6-quart stainless pot with Dremel. This will ensure that the air from the fan keeps the outer 12-quart pot temperatures down.

No Smoke Fan Powered Wood Gasifier Stove Tutorial

Step 4: Inner burn pot air holes

Mark the holes out with a permanent marker and get ready to start stainless drilling. Make sure the drill bit is taking to the metal, so start slowly.

Stagger the lower holes as it allows for a secondary burn. The top holes will swirl the burning gases.

Step 5: Assemble pots

Assemble to pots into each other and ensure they line up.

Step 6: Drill holes for screws
Make sure the screw heads overlap to hold the inner burn pot.

Step 7: Fan Wiring

Use high-grade 9-volt battery snap leads and wire the snap connector at the fan end.

Reverse wire the other 9-volt snap to a 12-volt cigarette lighter (backward).

Step 8: Complete

Get a battery pack and fire up the stove. It is now complete!

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