CanningOld Fashioned Pear Honey with a Hint of Ginger Recipe

Old Fashioned Pear Honey with a Hint of Ginger Recipe

This old fashioned Pear Honey with a hint of Ginger recipe will remind you of breakfast at your grandmother’s kitchen table with homemade delicious flavorful spread for your pancakes, toasted English muffin or golden brown toast. Pear Honey is an example of a spread that is actually not a variety of honey, rather a combination of pears and honey that makes a spread.

Old Fashioned Pear Honey with a Hint of Ginger Recipe

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For many people that cannot seem to eat plain toast or muffins a fruit spread is something they have to have on hand. Unfortunately, the choices of these types of spreads are often limited at most stores. This often leads them to search for recipes that often combine multiple flavors that they like and they come up with an unique fruit spread.

Yes, this recipe can be water bath canned


can crushed unsweetened pineapple
very finely chopped fresh ginger
bottled lemon juice

The author of the recipe actually includes a nice backstory how they came up with the idea to make it in the first place. That is when they decided to write it down and perfect the recipe and then share it with the world. This is a great way to give you and your family a unique taste to their toast.

Benefits reading and following the Pear Honey Recipe

● Use to make a great new spread for toast or muffins for your family

● Recipe includes a detailed list of all of the necessary ingredients

● It also includes a complete, easy to read step by step instruction guide

● The recipe includes a couple full color photos of the completed spread

If you seriously want a super sweet treat, drizzle it over a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

Click here to read about old fashioned Pear Honey with a hint of Ginger recipe:

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