DIY ProjectsOld Fashioned Rough Cut Wood Lumber DIY Project

Old Fashioned Rough Cut Wood Lumber DIY Project

Old Fashioned Rough Cut Wood Lumber DIY Project is a step by step tutorial of how to cut wood planks without a saw mill on your homestead from your own trees.

Old Fashioned Rough Cut Wood Lumber DIY Project

There are three steps in cutting timber – scoring, juggling, and cutting. Get the following: an ax, a saw, two metal staples to keep the log secured – known as a “log dog,” chalk, a level, measuring tape, and a cant hook. With these things in hand, start looking for good wood to use as part of the entire process. Some trees, like pine, are perfect.

Secure the log with the log dog, as well as two shorter logs to hold the long log down and upward to make it easier when going downwards. Then, saw at each ends of the log vertically to lay the measurements out and mark the middle of the piece. Place the level on the middle and sketch a plumb line down the center; measure on the line its planned width and mark on both ends. Afterwards, take the ax to remove the log’s bark.Make a nick at the log’s top end and fasten the line and it through the nick, down the span, and out through the other line nicks at the opposing ends. Fasten the line safely and cut it by lifting and freeing the string upright.

To score is to making multiple overlying ax chops downward the log angled at about 35 degrees in the log about 3 inches separated from the sides. Juggling requires cutting marks to the line a foot apart the whole log’s length. The marks should be twice as wide as the depth needed to reach the line. Now, comes the third and more notable step in the process – hewing – cutting a circular log into a square. Hewing is done with a circular cutting move with each hack regardless of the kind of ax used.Begin at the top and work to the bottom with softhits to cut the remaining wood. Continue to life and drop the ax carefully when dropping to the log’s lower portion.

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