RecipesOne Pot Chicken Fricassee And Dumplings

One Pot Chicken Fricassee And Dumplings

One pot chicken fricassee and dumplings is the perfect comfort food on a cold winter day. This one is made in one pot and you can have it on the table in under an hour. The dumplings are made with Bisquick, store bought or homemade.  Because you are using cut up chicken with out bones the dish is cooked and ready really quick. If you are making this one the weekend or you have the time start it off by cooking whole pieces of chicken and then removing the skin and bones.

One Pot Chicken Fricassee And Dumplings

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It takes longer but you get a richer flavor from the chicken. If you can your own chicken you can have that rich flavor in even less time by using some of it instead. Wile this recipe calls for water and some white wine, we don’t drink so I never have any wine in the house and since you are using boneless, skinless chicken I opt to replace the water and wine with the same amount of chicken broth.

Other than that this is a great recipe and it tastes great, fill you up and is fast to make. It really hits the spot when its cold and or damp outside. Make a little extra for lunch the next day.

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