Food DehydratingOnions and Mushrooms Deliciously Marinated and Dehydrated

Onions and Mushrooms Deliciously Marinated and Dehydrated

Onions and mushrooms, deliciously marinated and dehydrated, make a great tasting snack or can be used as additions or topping for all sorts of dishes.Since they are marinated they both have loads of flavor so they make for great snacking. We especially like the onions as a snack, they sort of remind you of onion straws but with out all the breading and oil from frying.

Onions and Mushrooms Deliciously Marinated and Dehydrated

The mushrooms are good just about anyway you eat them, they are good as a snack or in soups, stews or salads. The recipes and instructions for making both come from Kristen’s Raw, who tells us that both she and her mother make these. For a nice kick to these add some cayenne to the marinade, we love it on the mushrooms. The mushrooms would be great for vegetarians as a substitute for meat in dishes. The food is raw and then dehydrated so it is meant to be great for folks that are into raw eating. Rather than simply dehydrating plain raw vegetables there are recipes for marinades for both the onions and the mushrooms.

Make a big batch of onions and next time you sit down to watch a movie, skip the popcorn and munch on these onions for a less calorie packed snack with a lot of delicious flavor.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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