GardeningOrganic Gardening Pesticide From Vegetables Recipe

Organic Gardening Pesticide From Vegetables Recipe

This Organic Gardening Pesticide From Vegetables Recipe is amazingly effective in repelling harmful insects and is made with frugal ingredients and recycled supplies. This organic gardening pesticide does not have harmful chemicals in it which is such a blessing. You can protect your garden plants without harming your garden vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.

Organic Gardening Pesticide From Vegetables Recipe

Start with gathering and buying the following to make the pesticide:

an empty & clean one-gallon jug

a spray bottle with nozzle


a rag

one-gallon pot

two onions

a jalapeno pepper

a garlic clove

Dawn dish soap.

Directions: Get 1 gallon of warm water in a pot and let’s begin making the homemade pesticide.Chop up the onions, the garlic, and the jalapeno pepper and blend them together until it turns into a paste; be careful that it doesn’t get in the eyes because it burns. Afterwards, pour the paste into the pot of warm water and simmer it for 20 minutes. Let the flavor (and strong odor) mix with the water and drain it with a funnel and cloth to catch the vegetable pieces as the solution pours into the jug. Dump the waste in the trash.
Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable-based dish soap into the solution. Using the funnel, fill the bottle up and twist the nozzle top closed.

After Care: The rest of the solution can be stored in the fridge. Take the bottle and spray the plants all over, as well as the soil. This solution makes everything sprayed onuneatable to insects when the water evaporates, leaving the undesirable odor and flavor there. It will not kill the insects and they will simply go on to the next uninfected plant. Spray every 4 days to kill off the insects and repeat for the next three weeks to see the results of less pests affecting the garden.

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