Outdoor Activity With Kids – Build A Snow Cave

Kristen Laine.

Outdoor activity with kids – build a snow cave is a fun activity but you can also build one to camp out in during the winter time. While it will be a fun project to do with your children this could also save a life if you were ever trapped out somewhere and there was a lot of snow to build it with.

Outdoor Activity With Kids - Build A Snow Cave
Kristen Laine.

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This one was built in a couple of hours and was big enough to sleep six. Although they only spent the one night and skied out the next day. The snow cave would have been fine to sleep in for a few days is it had been needed. By following the instructions you can help your kids build a snow cave that is safe and they can see how the native people that live up north may live or how they may have lived or sheltered.

The snow cave being built here is called a quinzhee, after the Athabascan word for the traditional winter dwelling built by native people of the far north. I can remember being a little girl and my father built us a snow cave but he  had the little arched entry like an igloo and he put a plastic tarp for the floor and poked a breathing hole through the roof and then hug a rug over the door.

My sisters and I had a ton of fun playing in that thing for days and days. Then it warmed up a little and he tore it down so it would fall in on us. Kids will love this, I know I did.


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