Outdoor Off The Grid Homestead Shower

This simple method of setting up an outdoor off the grid homestead shower is a great way to use the sun’s rays to warm water without electricity. Homesteading is hard work and dirty so a warm shower at the end of the day can be relaxing for sore muscles.

Outdoor Off The Grid Homestead Shower

Outdoor Off The Grid Homestead Shower

In an off the grid cabin situation, often there is a small bathing tub is inside the cabin and an outdoor solar shower. A good time to use outdoor shower is early spring, during the summer and early fall because the sun in out and temperatures are bare-able.

Your outdoor can be fully enclosed for privacy reasons and your plastic water storage tank should be painted black to attract more heat.

Instead of heating water over an open fire for a warm shower, this outdoor shower set up reduces manual labor while still enjoying warm/hot water.

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