Outdoor Patio Furniture from Wood Pallets Project


This outdoor patio furniture from wood pallets project is detailed in the step by step tutorial that embraces re using and re purposing. Here is a way for you to build your own patio furniture on a shoestring budget and when it is done you will have something to be very proud of. This project was designed to be a money saving idea, as well as a way to save the planet by recycling old, discarded wooden pallets.


● Shows how to build an inexpensive set of patio furniture out of several discarded wood pallets

● Describes all of the materials, supplies and tools needed to complete the project

● Includes an easy to read and follow instruction guide that makes it easier to complete the project

● Has several full color photos that show several of the steps of the construction process

Entertaining friends on the patio is becoming more and more popular these days and that often means having to come up with patio furniture. Unfortunately, if you have looked at the cost of patio furniture these days you know that it is not cheap. While there are several other options available like second hand furniture stores or even garage sales – you can actually build your own as a frugal option.

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