DIY ProjectsOutline of Homesteading Murphy Wall Bed Project

Outline of Homesteading Murphy Wall Bed Project

This outline of a homesteading murphy wall bed project shares a simple design to retire a bed out of the way during the day.

Outline of Homesteading Murphy Wall Bed Project

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There is something quite intriguing about the Murphy bed. You keep wondering if it’s the style of the closet or bed that fascinates you. Yes, you have to agree that the Murphy bed is kind of cool, and convenient to build and own.

For starters, it enables you to convert a craft area or a home office into a small hotel room. The best part is that you can reclaim the room for your personal needs as soon as your guest leaves. It is just brilliant!

The new and improved Murphy bed design allows you to customize the bed to any space you desire. If you are the type that only gets visitors once a year, you have a family of seven, or you live in a bachelor’s apartment, you need a Murphy bed.

If you have a room where there’s a huge king size bed that takes up all of the space and hardly ever get used, then it makes no sense to keep such bed in the room. A Murphy bed gives you the flexibility and space you require.

Remember that the most crucial factors in making a Murphy bed are the mechanism (which is very doable) and your safety. Having those settled will enable you to follow the instructions with ease and increase your skills on making the bed as you desire.

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Melissa Francis
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