GardeningOver 100 Cucumbers From A Single Socrates Plant

Over 100 Cucumbers From A Single Socrates Plant

           If you have limited space for garden plants and really like cucumbers you might want to try growing Socrates cucumbers. These cucumbers are seedless and suitable for growing indoors. They need a temperature between 50 and 82 degrees. They are pretty resistant to powdery mildew and with proper soil and consistent irrigation they are able to produce so many cucumbers that you will only need one plant to supply you and friends with cucumbers. The Transatlantic Plantsman shares a story about a lady in London that got 40 cucumbers off of one plant and the next year she got 129 cucumbers from one single plant.

        That is amazing. Since it produces its fruits without pollination this is perfect for small  spaces and in the greenhouse. He has a link to where you can purchase these seeds on the article. The seeds are sold in various amounts starting with the mini which is 10 seeds, then a packet is 30 seeds and on up to 1000 seeds but since you would only need one plant you could start off with a mini and share a couple of seeds with another gardener. I want to try these as in WI we have a cooler summer and these are suited to cooler growing conditions. I would love to get 100 or more cucumbers from one cucumber plant.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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