Off GridOver 30 Years Living Off Grid Homesteading By Herself

Over 30 Years Living Off Grid Homesteading By Herself

For over 30 years living off grid homesteading by herself has become a way of life for Jill Redwood. She takes her readers deep inside her very small part of the world and describes some of the features of her home and life. She raises livestock and fresh veggies and fruits to sustain herself and has a small solar power system that provides a renewable energy source.
Over 30 Years Living Off Grid By Herself

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Most people today would never be able to survive very long without most of the creature comforts they have grown to accustomed to however, that is not the case for everyone. There is a growing number of people who have decided to go off the grid and live a much more simple life. This article describes one woman’s lifelong experience of more than 30 years.

The article really does do an excellent job of depicting the type of life that one can expect if they were to decide for themselves.

Jill Redwood built her 15-acre property on the edge of the forest in East Gippsland in Victoria in 1983 out of recycled reclaimed materials, solar-powered and uses hot water heated from her wooden stove.

She dislikes supermarkets and only eats food she has grown and made herself

● The article describes how a person can truly live totally off the grid these days and be happy

● The many images that are included give the reader glimpses inside the rooms that look like museum of a bygone era

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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