WaterAn Overlooked Source of Water - Rainwater

An Overlooked Source of Water – Rainwater

Code Green Prep website shares an article about the most overlooked source of water… rainwater.

Here are the issues are addressed in article:

How to collect it

what to store it in

Multiple Barrels Per Downspout

Connecting Your Barrel to Your Downspouting

Linking Your Barrels Together

Is Rainwater from the Roof Safe to Drink

How Much Water Should You Store

How Long Can You Store Water?

Maintaining the Barrels

Legal Issues

A Facebook reader (  Charlez  K  )  made this comment :

I live in Oregon, and it is NOT ILLEGAL to harvest rainwater, as long as that rainwater DOES NOT TOUCH THE GROUND.

Once the water touches the ground it becomes part of the water table and is owned by the state.

But if you harvest water from your roof gutters into a container that is above ground, not a hole you dug and lined with a tarp, it is perfectly legal.

I am so tired of hearing *Note this may be illegal because it is illegal to collect rainwater in some states* when it is pretty much not true as long as you look up the pertinent laws.


Click here to read the article:


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