Overnight Cinnamon Rolls Sans Yeast

Make these overnight cinnamon rolls with orange vanilla glaze and be the most popular person at the breakfast table in the morning. Cinnamon is a spice that is used both in sweet and savory dishes. It is very recognizable given its mid brown color and is available in the form of sticks, flowers and powdered form. For a long time, this particular spice has been used in different dishes to add a unique flavor to them.

Overnight Cinnamon Rolls Sans Yeast

Many might not know that it is also used in the preparation of chocolate. Mexico is most associated with using cinnamon for chocolate making and it is also the main importer of the spice. On the other hand, cinnamon is popularly used in giving a spicy taste to tea, coffee, candies and hot cocoa. It is also a part for recipes for desserts like cinnamon buns, apple pie and doughnuts. In the Middle East, many people add cinnamon to savory dishes like lamb and chicken. This specific spice is also used for adding a boost of flavor to cereals, toast and fruit, besides sugar, across the USA.

In this post from the Wicked Good Kitchen, Stacy has outlined a recipe for cinnamon rolls. Now, cinnamon rolls are a very common recipe but in this particular post you learn to prepare it without using yeast. They also have a fruit and nut filling and an orange vanilla glaze. There are even gluten free options.

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