Garden BedsPallet Gardens DIY Project

Pallet Gardens DIY Project

     DIY pallet gardens. So you want to grow some veggies but you rent or have too small a space or you just don’t feel like digging. You can use this vertically for balconies or flat for the yard, either way you choose it a neat little set up and if you can score the free pallets its pretty economical too.

         Make sure the pallet you use is heat treated so it won’t leach chemicals. ( A pallet that has been heat treated will have a two letter country code and an HT stamped on it)  All you need to do is staple fabric weed barrier or burlap to the sides and bottom to hold the soil in while letter water drain, fill with your choice of growing medium and then either sow seeds or add your own seedlings and there you have your own little pallet garden.

          I think this would be perfect for strawberries.
I am thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to build a hoop house over it and you could grow your greens all through the winter and keep birds out of your berries with netting over the hoops. Colony Earth has the answer for you. A pallet garden. (Note)  Colony Earth seems to have changed their site and I can’t find this on there but I think the info needed to do this is within this post.

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Pallet Gardens DIY Project

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