Build ItPallet House For Refugees Or As A Great Office Or Studio in...

Pallet House For Refugees Or As A Great Office Or Studio in The Backyard

There is a Brooklyn based design team called I-Beam that has created a home for refugees out of 100 wooden pallets. They say that the pallets could first be used to ship food and other needed items to refugee camps and then used to build these homes which could be covered and the walls filled with local materials such as mud, dirt, thatch and what ever other locally available materials there might be, tarp or plastic could also be used. I think this is a great way to use the pallets and the homes would be much more sturdy than a tent. When I saw the picture and before I read the article my first thought was what a great office or studio in the back yard.

I think while I-Beams idea is fantastic, for here in the US this would be a super frugal way to have an office or studio or even a playhouse for the kids in the backyard. You could use that corrugated fibrous roofing which is not super expensive and there are any number of materials that could be used to fill the walls and then cover them. In most states we would want windows for an office or studio. This is a great way to have some extra space without spending a fortune. You can find free pallets on craigslist and in the newspaper, I have even seen them on facebook at the garage sale page for my town. They were like 10 dollars a piece.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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