DessertsPanna Cotta In A Caramelized Sugar Cage

Panna Cotta In A Caramelized Sugar Cage

Next time you need a super special dessert make this gorgeous panna cotta in a caramelized sugar cage. You could actually make any dessert that you wish and then just put the caramelized cage over it for a fabulous presentation.  This would be pretty even over just a plain ole scoop of ice cream. The cage is made by cooking water and sugar until it turns an amber color and then drizzling it over, in this case a ladle but if your dessert were going to be a little bigger you could do the same process using an upside down bowl to form the cage.

If you only wanted the awesome look of the caramelized sugar cage you could even make a large one using a large bowl and the setting the cage over a small bowl of flowers or even a fruit bowl as a great center piece. Any one being served a dessert encased in one of the cages would know that they were special and that extra effort had been spent to make them feel special. It is not hard to do and really worth the effort. Joyfolie shares the instructions for making the caramelized sugar cage and a recipe for the panna cotta and I know I would feel extremely loved if I was presented with a dessert like this. What a great way to serve dessert.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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