DIY ProjectsPatch Large Holes in House Drywall DIY Project

Patch Large Holes in House Drywall DIY Project

How to patch large holes in house drywall diy project is detailed in a step by step tutorial for the homesteader that wants to get their hands dirty. Learning simple remodeling skills saves money, builds independence and makes a house liveable when accidents happen.

Patch Large Holes in House Drywall DIY Project

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Big holes in drywall – anything larger than 6 inches in diameter – are somewhat harder to fix because they are to big for to patch up normally. Instead, large holes have to be filled with a fresh panel of drywall. This is an easy home improvement project, which also includes sandpaper, a power screwdriver, utility and serrated knives, and mesh drywall tape among other ingredients. It is about upkeep and easy maintenance to any damage to the walls without

First, cut a hole around the main hole as a square. Then, cut out a piece of the drywall panel of the same size. Measure the square hole to know exactly the size needed to cut out from the drywall piece using the serrated knife. Sand the edges with sandpaper to make it easier. Next, attach the drywall with the help of studs or a small piece of wood, such as a 1×4. Use drywall screws to attach it all together.


Drywall panel



Utility knife

150 grit sandpaper on a sanding block

Power screwdriver


Mesh drywall tape

Joint compound

A bendy putty knife

Afterwards, use mesh drywall tape around the four edges around the patch to attach the compound stick in the gaps. Get some on a putty knife and press it over the patch in the middle and spreading it outward. Dry it overnight and spread a second coat of it the next day. Sand over the rough parts as well. To make sure it holds up, repeat the process of spreading the coat and sanding the edges. Enough of it will fill up a large hole.

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