Peek Into This Bug Out Bag


What is in your Bug Out Bag ? If you had to leave your home at a moment’s notice would you have a backpack full of items to keep you warm, feed you, tend your wounds, water to drink, tools to lead your way and  ways to communicate ?

Not every emergency or natural disaster happens when you are well rested, with your family all together at home.
You could be at work …. some people keep a smaller version of their Bug Out Bag … called a Everyday Carry Bag in their car or  with them on a daily basis.

Peek Into This Bug Out Bag 

I encourage women who wear high heels to work, school or just out and about  – please keep a pair of flat soled shoes in your car or workplace just in case you need to run or walk long distances in a disaster.

The NY Times made an interactive clickable item …. just move your mouse over each item.

Click on this page to see what each item is:


Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack (Hunter Green)

Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger, Black

Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight & Watertight .9 Kit

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter