CanningPeel Peaches the Quick Way for Canning

Peel Peaches the Quick Way for Canning

How to Peel Peaches the Quick Way for Canning is a little old time homesteading wisdom that will make the whole process just easier. Large juicy peaches are a bit of delicious sunshine you can hold in your hands and preserve for winter.

Peel Peaches the Quick Way for Canning

From May to November, fresh peaches are grown and bought for our consumption in pies, desserts, or just ripe to eat like an apple. People should seek peaches that smell quite strongly and is a bit soft already, showing that they are ripe. A peace too hard or soft should not be used.

Get ripe peaches before peeling. With these peaches, whether it is 1 pound of 25 pounds of it, these peaches can be part of a dish in baking or stored by canning or freezing them. With these ripe, go ahead and begin by grabbing a big knife and mark an X that is short of the pit that is inside of them. Then, in a pot, fill it with water and boil it. Put four peaches in the boiling water at a time and let them
see the for thirty seconds. With a big spoon, move each peach from the boiling water to a bowl filled with water and ice. This mix of boiling and cold water will soften the skin to make it peel off very easily.

It does not take very long to peel off every peach if they are organized like an assembly line from X to waters to knife. With ripe peaches, they can be stored in a plastic bag in the fridge for up to 5 days or placed in the freezer for a year. If not ripe, place them in a paper bag and have them sit in the kitchen at room temperature for couple of days.

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Melissa Francis
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