DIY ProjectsPennies On The Diagonal Table

Pennies On The Diagonal Table

If you are looking for a diy project to create something unique and that can be done indoors try making a pennies on the diagonal table. This is a creative way to make a table for your place that will be very different. It is all diy and you can do it indoors and for the most part sitting down.

Pennies On The Diagonal Table

So it would be a good project for the winter. Wimp shares the instructions. They basically  started with a cheap hollow interior door and different colors of pennies. Seem you can ask for circulated pennies at the back to get the super shiny ones. By using the new ones as part of the pattern and the other colors as different parts of the pattern they ended up with a pattern that looks 3-D.

I suppose if you wanted a table smaller than door size you could probably put a piece of plywood in a wood frame and make the table what ever size you would like. I have seen other penny tables but this is the first with this 3-D look.


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