Essential OilsKeep Spiders Out Of Your Home - Peppermint

Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home – Peppermint

It is incredibly simple to create a spider repellant spray to keep spiders out of your home by using Peppermint essential oil.

You will be hard pressed to find people who are happy to have spiders living in and around their house. Most people are scared of them, so they will try everything in their power to get them out of their house. One option for this is calling the exterminator and having them come out and spray chemicals around your house. But not everyone likes to have their plants killed by said chemicals and some people do not like the idea of using any unnatural mixtures near their home. Instead, one way you can get rid of the spiders around your home naturally is by using just two easy to find ingredients; water and peppermint oil.

To rid your home of these nasty little creatures, you will need just one more thing beside water and peppermint; you will need a spray bottle, either old or new. The first thing you want to do is label the outside so you know that this will forever be your spider repellant bottle. Then, you will want to fill up your bottle with water, leaving about an inch of room at the top of the bottle. Proceed to put between 20 and 30 drops of peppermint essential oil in the water. Once you have the peppermint essential oil and water in the spray bottle, simply swirl it around a little bit so it is good and mixed up, then you can proceed to the protection of your house.

Spiders Repellant Spray Recipe:

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Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home Using Peppermint Essential Oil
Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home Using Peppermint Essential Oil

After mixing the spider repellant spray recipe from above, proceed to the steps of the protection of your house. You want to start on the inside of your house starting with the window sills. This is where spiders like to sneak in, so you want to make sure you spray all around the entire window on the inside of your house. Then proceed to spraying around the door frames of your house as well. Covering all the nooks and crannies. After you have done the doors and windows, move on to the ceilings. Here you will want to spray in each of the four corners, or any corner you have, near the top of the ceiling. To further your protection from the spiders, place a few cotton balls soaked with Peppermint essential oil and place them about the room out of reach of pets and children. The Peppermint essential oil will not hurt pets or children but the cotton ball may be a chocking hazard.

Repeat this process once a week and you will never have to worry about spiders in your home again.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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