RecipesPerogie In A Bacon And Spinach Sauce

Perogie In A Bacon And Spinach Sauce

This is a recipe you can make using frozen perogie so that you can serve this up in about 30 minutes. Since you use perogie frozen from the store and cans of soup as the base for your sauce all you need to do is cook and crumble the bacon then saute some onion and garlic and brown the perogie. Once it is browned you add the other ingredients and cover to let the spinach wilt and it is then ready to serve.

So for a totally different meal in under 30 minutes this is a great recipe. If you wanted to make your own perogie and you have your own canned soups put up then you could make this a home made from scratch meal. Either way it has bacon so you know it will be good. For vegetarians you could still make this dish and use some veggie bacon and still enjoy this dish. Suburble shares the recipe so we can all make some.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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