PetsPet Dog Paws Weird Facts and Care Tips

Pet Dog Paws Weird Facts and Care Tips

Here are some Pet Dog Paws Weird Facts and Care Tips that can help you to understand and care for your homesteading dog properly.

Pet Dog Paws Weird Facts and Care Tips - The Homestead Survival _ Frugal Homesteading

Dog paws are just cute with their leather-like feel and that odd corn chip smell.  Paws help dogs with their surrounding environment and protect them from excessive heat and bacteria.

To understand dog paws, we first need to get down to the structural basics. There are five distinct parts of a dog’s paw. There are digital pads, which helps dogs sustain cold surfaces and regulates the water lost in the body. The metatarsal pad is equal to the human palms and relieve the stress of the dog’s limbs. Carpal pad is key for giving the dog traction when they make sudden stops or go down sliding. The claw, one part we know very well, goes digging and grasping. Finally, there is the dewclaw, the nail up along the leg that is almost like a pinky.

Bonus: Here is a all natural paw cream to help your dogs paws ….. it is safe if they lick at it as well. (Cracked Dry Dog Paws Lickable Balm Recipe) 

Now, for the odd stuff. Many dog owners say their dog’s paws smell like corn chips, which comes from the bacteria on the dog’s paws that let this odd odor come out. While a hint of it is no issue, an overwhelming smell is. Always have the dog’s paws clean. While a dog’s paws are padded to keep them from getting cold, they should have any salt removed from their paws after walking on top of the street and paths. Here are some ways to treat smelling paws. Mix a gallon of water two tablespoons of baking soda and have the dogs stand in it for a couple of minutes.

When giving your dog a bath, add a cup of Epsom salt to normalize the dog’s pH balance. Finally, soak the paws in a cup of organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar plus lemon juice.

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