RecipesPickled Radish Greens

Pickled Radish Greens

If your radishes are ready or will be soon check out this recipe from Wicked Whisk for pickling them.
They are really good and you know since they are green they are very good for you. I love finding a good use for something that would just get thrown out or onto the compost pile.
Why waste them when you can eat them.

Pickled Radish Greens

This delicious pickled  radish greens recipe is from Wicked Whisk who says ”  The brine softens the leaves and imparts a nice pickled flavor but still allows the flavor of the greens to come through. Even better, the whole thing takes minutes to pull together and can sit in the fridge for a day if needed. So instead of tossing your radish greens, try this recipe and see if it doesn’t convert you to a greens lover.”

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