CanningPickled Smoky Carrots

Pickled Smoky Carrots

Pickled Smoky Carrots, Water Bath Canning Recipe

This recipe is from the book Beyond Canning and sounds really good. I have never had pickled carrots but now that I see you can I think they would be great. They have both smoked salt and smoked paprika in them so I can imagine the smoke flavor really comes through. These carrots would probably be good on burgers and other sandwiches as well as for sides or snacking.

Pickled Smoky Carrots

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The recipe and book review is from Filmore Container and right now they have a give away going on where you can with the book as well as other items. I feel as if I already won just by finding this awesome recipe. I know a lot of other folks are going to be happy with it too. One of the nice thing about canning carrots is you don’t have to wait for summer.

You can find them at decent prices all year round. It is always so much nicer to can in the winter with you actually enjoy the heat from canning. Another thing to do in winter to add to your food storage is Canning Dried Beans. They are inexpensive  to buy dried and so nice to have on hand to make a quick meal with and so much cheaper to make than to buy cans of cooked beans in the store.

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