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Four AMAZING Videos – Pine Tree for Edible Food & Usages


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Erin shares his in depth knowledge about the many usages of the Pine tree.
He just does not only talk about them but shows you through step by step each each advantage & opportunity  the Pine tree offers if we only know how to access them.

Sometimes it is hard to break away from the traditional way we have grown up eating and embrace something new but in truth this is very old knowledge.

This knowledge of wild food foraging has almost become  extinct because of the commercially bought  foods … it is as the mass of population distrusts nature and it’s freely offered gifts.

Personally, I think that wild food foraging classes should be offered at every food bank across the nation to help supplement a needy families dietary needs. I like to be optimistic and think that people would embrace the chance to learn to identify edible plants .
It is really getting back to the basics, lol.


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