Pink Flamingo Baby Booties Slippers Crochet Free Pattern

This Pink Flamingo Baby Booties Slippers Crochet Free Pattern is a wonderfully creative and playful gift for a young one in your life.

Pink Flamingo Baby Booties Slippers Crochet Free Pattern - The Homestead Survival

These cute crocheted flamingos are cute and well-suited for babies. They can be a great project for moms and moms-to-be. They can serve as slippers for tiny baby feet.

The crocheted flamingo booties were originally made for babies who are six months old. However, the size can be increased to accommodate older infants.

The author of the post originally found a pair of lovely swan baby slippers. These inspired her to make flamingos, ducks, parrots, pelicans and many other fun bird sleepers.

The whole flamingo project was not able to consume the full 200 yards of pink yarn. You can watch a full video of how to make the flamingos step by step.

You can remember the following terminologies while stitching.

CH is for chain, YO for Yarn Over, DC for double crochet, SC for single crochet, BLO for back loops only, ST for stitches, SI st for slip stitch, and HDC for half double crochet. If you encounter any terms that you are not familiar with, you can search those on the internet.

For pink flamingos, use pink yarns for the body. You can get black yarns for the eyes and beaks, and a white yarn near the bird’s mouth. For the swan baby booties, use white yarns for the body. Use yellow yarns to place a sort of crown on top of the swan’s head. Use orange and black yarns for the beak of the swans.

After you got all the materials, you are now ready to follow the instructions.

Click here to read about how to create Pink Flamingo Baby Booties Slippers Crochet Free Pattern:

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