Garden BedsHow to Plant an Iroquois Garden

How to Plant an Iroquois Garden

Learn how to plant an Iroquois garden aka the three sisters. This garden is the epitome of companion planting. “Corn provides a natural pole for bean vines to climb. Beans fix nitrogen on their roots, improving the overall fertility of the plot by providing nitrogen to the following years corn. Bean vines also help stabilize the corn plants, making them less vulnerable to blowing over in the wind. Shallow-rooted squash vines become a living mulch, shading emerging weeds and preventing soil moisture from evaporating, thereby improving the overall crops chances of survival in dry years.” If you are gardening in raised beds this is the perfect trio to grow to use every bit of your garden space.
See all the information on this type of gardening on No Tech Magazine.  If you check page two it tells you how and when to plant your three sisters garden.

Three Sisters Garden

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