GardeningPlant Mosquito Repelling Gardening Container

Plant Mosquito Repelling Gardening Container

How to plant mosquito repelling gardening container project is a natural way to create a buffer zone blood sucking mosquitoes will not dare to enter.

Plant Mosquito Repelling Gardening Container Mosquitoes Repellant Plants

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Keeping mosquitoes from invading the garden is important in maintenance and requires a herb patio planter that will keep them away. There are a number of plants mosquitoes don’t like, such as strongly scented herbs and flowering plants. Creating a container that can be in spaces like a patio or lawn will allow mobility to the planter without being bit by them.

This is for a place that can get at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. The plants will grow big, will flower at different times, and have different textures of foliage to keep a variety inside.

These are some of the best herbs and plants to grow to keep mosquitos away.

Marigold is a bright yellow flower good for smaller pots and has a compound found in insect repellents.

Lavender is an abundant bloomer with strong aroma that is unpleasant to mosquitoes.

Flossflower is a blue-purple flower with coumarin, which is used in many mosquito repellents.

Oregano has fuzzy leaves and a bit of a spice on its edges.

Thai Basil has pointed green leaves and licorice on them that, like oregano, is not really sought for by mosquitos.

Lemon thyme, a yellow-green plant, has a lemon aroma (hence the name) and is quite light with its yellow on it.

Plant some of these and mosquitos will be repealed from the garden. They are unwanted pests and these plants are guards of the yard to keep its attraction up in general.

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