GardeningPlanting A Fall Garden - Extend Your Fresh Produce

Planting A Fall Garden – Extend Your Fresh Produce

As your summer garden begins to wind down, now is the time to start planting for fall. This way you can get another moth or so of fresh produce from the garden before frost takes it. As the green beans stop producing, tear those plants out and put is something else. The same for anything else that has quit or that you have had your fill of . Most folks are done with zucchini in time to plant something to replace it. If you didn’t have peas in the spring or even if you did they are nice to plant for fall because they love cool temperatures and will keep producing even in the lower temps. Kale actually taste sweeter if it gets a little frost on it.

  Both beets and cabbage grow well in cooler temps and can handle the cold very well. Plant your garlic cloves in the fall for next summers crop. So if you have a garden and it is looking a little ragged don’t think it is all over. All it takes to bring that garden back to life is a little work and some fresh seeds and you will be eating home grown all the way into winter.  The Gardening Cook shares more fall garden vegetables and shares tips for a great fall garden.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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